Cool Web Sites

We run across web sites that we think everyone should see. Here is a list of some that you should check out.

Check out Sweewater-Music Technology Direct for all your recording needs.

The friendliest audio discussion group on the web: 3dB-the 3D Audio Recording Forum.

Want the lowdown on the Mackie d8b digital console? The good stuff and the b****in'? Check out the d8b maillist.

Check out online auction of new and used pro gear!

If you have a fast computer (G3 or better) and 4M VRAM on an ATI Rage-capable video card, you must try out this game. Nanosaur by Pangea for Mac. It will ship bundled with the iMac in the next week. It is soooo cool, with 3-D rendered graphics and fog and LOTS of Dinosaurs. At least go look at the pictures from the game.

For links to a gallery of info about great guitarists, check out the Robin Trower page.

Try this out: Music and Audio.

For all you Calvin and Hobbes fans, here's a page you won't want to miss.

Todd Rundgren, the man with the colored hair that started it all. Check it out.

The Ultimate Mac page.

Society of Professional Audio Recording Services-SPARS.

Don't get your web page mentioned here-WPTS, Web Pages That Suck.

For the coolest TDM metering I've seen, you need to check out Metric Halo Labs. The phase torch is amazing. Free demos for everyone.

I just found the Sweetwater Sound Trading Post section that offers free online classifieds for music equipment.

If you are a Mac loyalist, you should see this movie. If you are a PC user, you must see this movie. Read about it here. Called the Simplicity Shoot-out, Apple pitted a 26-year old setting up a PC against a 7-year old and his dog, setting up an iMac. The race was from opening the box to signing on to the internet. The results are surprising-not really!

A whole host of Mac calculators from A to Z. Check it out.


There absolutely is "Life above 20 Kilohertz." Read James Boyk's excellent treatise. And if anyone ever tells you otherwise, just comment that "you can't hear it unless you believe!"

Very cool-Around the World in 80 Clicks. Live net-cams from all over the world.

Check out this source for some cool Mac shareware games.

Here are some cool music business forums.

I am compiling a list of great used recording equipment web sources and links. If you have a favorite, send it to me at

You might want to check out Club Nashville. It's just getting started but I thought you might like to know about it.

Here's a great new search engine with a very humble name: Dogpile. My other favorite search engine is Metacrawler.

Great daily Mac information-MacToday.

A History of Sony professional microphones.

To hear a recording of the first online bugling elk, click here.

For answers about general microphone questions, check out Crown's site.

An online audio glossary from Audio-Technica.

Check out the editorial by Lynn Fuston for EQ Magazine about the Obsolescence of Engineering. From the May 1998 issue of EQ.

For one amazing job of Director authoring, you need to go to Neumann's web site and take the time to download the Neumann 70th Anniversary Sound Engineering Contest. It's 20M, so plan on 1-2 hours at 28.8, but it's amazing. You can also order it on CD-Rom, if you're the patient type.

Check out the Shockwave Godzilla game. It's interesting to see, especially the whole site. Click here to go to the game.

Check out IPIX for cool surround still images accessible from the web.

Here is a very informative article from MacCentral about the up and downsides of the new iMac. And another article about the innovative slant and design of the iMac. You should check out the whole MacCentral site if you're a MacHead like me. Hey, I've been working on Macs since 1993 and I just discovered MacCentral. Very very up to date.

Here's a handful of sites you should check out.

Netscape Navigator tips

Harmony Central

The Distorted Barbie

Hit Squad

Shareware CD Equalizer for the Mac

Mics, mics, mics:

If you are dsigning or want to improve your own room, then check out the Acoustic Calculator from SDG. (Thanks to Matt for the referral.)

A listing of all available Plug-ins for Mac DAWs is available at Michael Bramon's site.

Check out Christec Media for tapes and supplies. Tell them Lynn at 3D sent you.

Lots of cool links to all sorts of web info about 3 Dimensional Sound research.

The coolest thing, an online audio dictionary from Rane.

Check out our new Audio Clips from 3D Audio's extensive library of work. Artists include George Jones, Kathy Mattea, Andy Griffith, DC Talk, Russ Taff, and The Martins.

There's now a PARIS discussion forum for users of the new Ensoniq PARIS system. If you want to hear what users are saying about it, it's the best place to get the "skinny."

Have a technician at Website Garage check out and evaluate your web site. It's free.

Here's the Mayberry RFD site, for all you Andy Griffith fans. (If you stop by 3D Audio, I'll show you my Christmas card from Andy and Cindy, his wife.)

Here you can see live pictures of Chicago from WGN-TVs cameras around the city.

Bill Gates personal wealth clock, including your percentage.

Look at Digidesign's new web forum

Check out the Prairie Home Companion web site, which delivers streaming Real Audio of its live broadcasts.

If you don't know where the line "Get your stinkin' paws off me you dirty ape!" appears, you should check this out.

Quincy Jones web site-check it out, but don't look too close-you might get discouraged. - International Music Industry Resource

During the week of 12.3.97, the planets in our solar system form a string of pearls, not to be seen again within the next hundred years.

Rebar-Sound Design-very cool use of audio (Shockwave)

G Wagner - Great info about vintage Neumann mics (U47, 249)

Pro - cool classifieds

Hamilton Brosius & Associates - Used Gear Auctions



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