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The newest of the 3D CDs, the ADCD, compares 30 of the world's finest analog to digital converters using three diverse sources. You can order your copy at the 3D WebStore.

Also the Awesome DAWSUM Sampler can be ordered there as well. For more information and discussion of these projects, check out the new 3D Audio Recording Forum, 3dB.

The 3D Mic CD features 49 mics on male and female vocalists.

Hear comparison recordings of 34 preamps on the 3D Pre CD.

Ever wanted to hear how a ProTools mix compares to the same mix done on a Neve 8078?

Check out the PT vs. Neve CD. Read all about it at the new 3dB Recording Forum.


3D Audio is a mixing and mastering facility in Franklin, Tennessee, that also specializes in vocal editing.

Read editorials by Lynn Fuston, including the May 1998 editorial in EQ magazine, about the extinction of the engineering craft.

Check out the story about my recording adventure in the South Pacific on the islands of Western Samoa.


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