We have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest artists, producers and musicians in this business. Below is a brief listing and pictures of some of those talented individuals and groups. We will be adding to this list frequently, so check in often. Artists are listed alphabetically by first name. And to order albums that Lynn Fuston has worked on, click here.

Go to the bottom of the page to see album artwork and pictures of some of our clients. It may take a minute to load, but it's worth the wait.


Alan Root - Backwards in the Back

Alan Root - Popcorn and PJs

Alan Root - Beyond the Farthest Star

Allison Durham

Amy Grant - Takes A Little Time, El Shaddai-Unplugged

Anointed - Under The Influence

Andy Griffith - I Love To Tell The Story-25 Timeless Hymns

Andy Griffith - Timeless Hymns, Vol. 2


Angelo & Veronica - Some Children See Him from Stories and Songs of Christmas

Betsy Hernandez - Hide 'Em In Your Heart Lullabies

Billy Sprague - Torn Between Two Worlds

Billy Sprague - I Wish

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses Lullabies

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses Lullabies-Volume 2

Brent Henderson - Peace Be Still

Brent Lamb

BJ Thomas - New Christmas Record

Brush Arbor

Buddy Greene

Calvin Hunt

Carman - I Surrender All - 30 Classic Hymns

Chris Alin Wells - White Hat Man

Chris Rodriguez - The Players

Christ Church Choir -

Corey Emerson - Love's Pure Stream

Cynthia Clawson - River Of Memories

Damaris Carbaugh

Damaris Carbaugh-LIVE! Video Remix and CD

Dave Perkins

David Huntsinger - Autumn In New England

David Huntsinger - New England Sunrise

David Huntsinger - Wish Upon A Star Volume I, Cherished Love Songs

David Huntsinger - Wish Upon A Star Volume II, Light Jazz Arr. of Classic Disney Songs

David and Bonnie Huntsinger - Precious Moments Lullabies

David and Bonnie Huntsinger - Bear E. Sleepy

DC Talk - Nu Thang

DC Talk - Free At Last

DC Talk - Jesus Freak

Al Denson - Reasons

Disney Records - "Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney"

First Call - An Evening In December

First Call - Beyond December

First Call - First Call

First Call - Let the Healing Begin

4Him - 4 Him

4 Him - Face The Nation

4 Him - Basics of Life

4 Him - The Ride

4 Him - Turn Your Radio On

4 Him - Christmas, The Season of Love

Gaither Vocal Band - Southern Classics

Gaither Vocal Band - Testify

Gaither Vocal Band - Southern Classics II

Gaither Vocal Band - Loving God, Loving Each Other

Gary Chapman

Gwen Moore-Return

Heirloom - Hymns That Last Forever

Jamie Walters - Jamie Walters

Jamie Walters - Ride

Jodi Benson "The Voice of The Little Mermaid"- Songs from the Beginner's Bible

Jodi Benson "The Voice of The Little Mermaid"- Songs from the Beginner's Bible, Vol II

James Hollihan - A Swingin' Christmas

Janet Paschall - The Good Road

Higher Ground - Forever Settled

Karen Wheaton - My Alabaster Box

Karen Wheaton - Gentle Breezes

Kenny Marks

Kim Boyce

Kurt Kaiser - The Lost Art of Listening

Lee Greenwood - Written in the Sky (Space Shuttle Challenger Tribute)

Lisa Bevill - Love Of Heaven

Mark O'Connor

Marshall Chapman - Inside Job

The Martins - The Martins

The Martins - An A Cappella Hymns Collection

The Martins - Wherever You Are

Marvin Matthews

Michael W. Smith - I 2 (eye)

Michael W. Smith - Change Your World

Michelle Shocked

Morgan Cryar - Kingdom Upside Down

Naboru Morishige - The Day

The Nelons - Glad You're Here

The Newsboys - Take Me To Your Leader

Park Jong Ho - Volume 8

Phil Keaggy

Phillips Craig & Dean - Lifeline

Phillips Craig & Dean - Trust

Ponder Sykes & Wright - Ponder Sykes & Wright

Prism - Red

Prism - Yellow

Prism - Blue

Prism - Green, The Christmas Collection

Prism - The Hits

The Ragamuffin Band

Randy Stonehill - Can't Buy A Miracle

Ray Boltz - Thank You

Ray Boltz - Seasons Changes

Ray Boltz - No Greater Sacrifice

Regi Stone

Rich Mullins - Winds Of Heaven Stuff of Earth

Rich Mullins - The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. I

Rich Mullins - The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2

Rich Mullins and the Ragamuffin Band - The Unreleased Album (coming 1998)

Rosey Grier

Russ Taff - Winds of Change

Russ Taff - The Way Home

Russ Taff - Our Hymns

Russ Taff - A Christmas Song

The Shulers - One Cause

The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma

Tanya Goodman Sykes - Innocent Eyes

Tanya Goodman Sykes - Night Light Unplugged

Tanya Goodman Sykes - Daybreak

Terri Gibbs

Terry McMillan

Tinsley Ellis-Trouble Time

Tom Mabe - Revenge on the Telemarketers

Twila Paris - A Heart That Knows You

Twila Paris - Beyond A Dream

Wayne Watson - Giants in the Land


TWILA PARIS, Beyond A DreamAmy Grant Amy Grant-El Shaddai

NEWSBOYS, Take Me To Your Leader

Andy GriffithANDY GRIFFITH, I Love To Tell The Story

FIRST CALL-Let The Healing Begin


CARMAN-I Surrender All

DC TALK-Jesus Freak

DC TALK-Nu Thang, Free At Last

RICH MULLINS-The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol.1 and Vol.2


DISNEY, The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney


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