Defining The Role of Project Mastering

(Reprinted from EQ Magazine, April 1995)


Project recording is transforming the way records are made today in much the same way that the advent of movable type and the printing press made books and literature available to the masses in the 15th century. Project recording is recording for "every man." The introduction of modular digital multitracks and inexpensive high-quality consoles are revolutionizing the recording industry. Project recording has spawned a new style of recording: schedules are more relaxed and people work in real world environments, more conducive to creativity. Affordable recording equipment has enabled artists to take more time in the recording process, so the music gets all the attention it deserves.

So why Project Mastering? 3D Audio was established because many producers with personal studios are frustrated with the current state of mastering affairs. They are bothered by having to rush through the mastering process, because of the high hourly rates, after exercising so much meticulous attention to detail in every previous stage. They want a place where they can listen in a relaxed environment on accurate monitors and spend time fine tuning and getting their albums to sound great. They want a place where they feel free to bring their own monitors. They want to know that the equipment is the best and technical standards are high, while working with people who care about their music as much as they do. They want to work in a project studio...for mastering.

At 3D Audio, we feel that the project style of recording deserves a new approach to mastering. We know that many producers are mixing to DAT and since the analog-to-digital converters in DAT recorders are typically the weakest link in the mixing chain, most listeners outside the mix session never fully realize the sonic potential of the original recording. We supply producers with the finest A-D converters available for their final mixdown. This enables them to make sure the music they have slaved over doesn't get lost in the jump to the digital domain. Many albums these days are cut and mixed on nearfield monitors, yet everyone wants their mixes to translate well to the real world. We make that happen. Not everyone mixes with automation and sometimes problems or noises slip through that can't be fixed in the mixing studio. We fix them. We appreciate that producers want sonic and technical excellence, so we use the finest digital signal processing available. We understand that a producer/musician, like everyone else, is looking for people who will work with them and help them realize their best self and accomplish their greatest work. That is what we strive to do. We have one singular goal, to "MAKE IT SOUND BETTER!"

To many artists, producers and musicians, the term "project recording" means one thing: freedom. Scheduling freedom, budgetary freedom, freedom to take whatever time is necessary to get it right. Freedom to make your own music the way it needs to be. Project mastering at 3D Audio means taking the time to make it sound the best it possibly can. Our goal is to enable artists to make better sounding records by using the latest technology and providing a comfortable relaxed environment where they know they are working with people who realize that their music is the most important thing.


Lynn Fuston

3D Audio Inc


This article is reprinted from EQ magazine

April 1995


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