"Lynn - what a Godsend...my golden boy. Thank you for the joy I feel when I hear what I've often dreamed of hearing..."

-Kathy Troccoli,

from the liner notes of her album "A Sentimental Christmas" mixed and mastered by Lynn Fuston at 3D Audio


"Thanks for the excellent mastering job on SACI. Luix, the main man of SACI, just told me the guitar player had already mastered the EP (6 songs) about 3 months ago, spending some very serious money on a "brand name" mastering engineer at a "world-class" facility in the New England area (no names mentioned on my part). Well Luix and Sidney (the singer/acoustic grt) where very unhappy with the results (as were their A&R dude) and decided to redo it.

Well Lynn, both those guys (as well as the drummer and guitarist) have called me a couple of times to tell me that the 3D AUDIO job is soooo far superior in every aspect that they can't believe people are hoodwinked into actually using "Mr. Big and his Million dollar machine" as a mastering service. They think you are a god (is it ok to say that?).

I have to agree.

Thanx again

-j @ blackcabin recording


"As I went through this project's mastering with you, I had a vision. Do you mind if I wax elephants for a moment?

I took a bunch of musical ideas and jammed them into songs. Todd (the mix engineer) took a bunch of noises on tracks and blended them into music. And you took a bunch of cuts and crafted them into a single work. When I listen back to what you did, I have the illusion that the songs were all supposed to sound that good from the beginning. You tweaked a big-picture outlook on an eclectic group of songs. I always thought that mastering was merely catching mistakes. But it is the super-imposing of a sense of mutual belonging among raging musical ideas. It's not just that we're keeping the listeners from constantly grabbing for the volume and tone controls on their stereos, we are presenting a unified front to them for the whole project. Just as I try to make each song be about one idea, you have made BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR sound like it was intended as a single work. It's kind of metaphorically galactic."

-Alan Root, Artist/Producer


"I love the way you mixed Brent's project. I felt you treated my orchestrations with more dignity than anyone ever has. Your mix brought a cohesiveness that I've not experienced in a long time. In my opinion, you made the track sound better than it should have."

-J. Daniel Smith, Producer/Arranger


"Thank you-not only for being such a gifted engineer, but for consistently having the spirit of Jesus in your work and everyday life. You are an example the world needs more of."

Karen Wheaton, Gospel Artist

from the liner notes of her latest album My Alabaster Box


"We so appreciate your wonderful contribution to this project and we certainly hope we can work with you again in the future."

-Frank and Betsy Hernandez, Producer/Artist


"We just got our CDs in and wanted you to have one. We love the mixes and appreciate the extra effort you put into it. You definitely added the "sparkle" and we can't say enough how happy we are that you were able to work with us. Thank you for the 3D Audio mugs. We use them all the time and Melissa says it makes her coffee taste better. Ha! We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and look forward to the time when the Lord allows our paths to cross again."

-The Shulers, Southern Gospel Artists


"There's some fine listening on this new Shulers recording. It is quality throughout. In fact, this recording could very well be used as an example of what a top-of-the-line project should sound like."

-Jerry Kirksey of Singing News, reviewing the latest Shulers' record, mixed by Lynn Fuston and mastered at 3D Audio


"When we stepped off the turnip truck in Nashville, dusted the hayseeds from our Wranglers and walked into the studio, all of us were a little apprehensive about the recording session. While we weren't so naive to expect a fellow with a cassette player and a couple of headphones to be doing the recording, we were concerned about how a bunch of yahoos from Amarillo would be treated in a big time studio in Music City.

"Shortly after our arrival, these fears disappeared. Thanks to your talent and winning personality, we quickly felt at ease. I don't think we could have found a better person anywhere to have engineered our album. People with your patience, dedication, and great attitude are hard to find. You made our work and stay in Nashville a truly enjoyable experience. We feel very fortunate to have your input, work and creative talent engineering and mixing our album. We genuinely appreciate the interest you showed and the gift for engineering that you have."

-Kelly Utsinger, Artist


Stop #5 on the guided tour is looking over the Discography of our past work, including album artwork from some noteworthy clients.


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