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If you are interested in hearing the quality of work that we do in its full glory, you may order our mastering sampler. It is updated periodically and show highlights of our work. We think you'll like what you hear.

We had Real Audio clips of some of our work, but we were shut down by the performance royalty organizations. So you won't be able to sample our work online. Remember to support your favorite writers!

George Jones and Kathy Mattea sing "You've Got A Friend In Me," the Randy Newman song from the Disney movie Toy Story, a good example of our digital editing work. (Walt Disney Records presents The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney,Walt Disney Records, 1996)

DC Talk recorded the song "He Works" on their Nu Thang album that was engineered by Lynn Fuston. If you listen closely, you can hear Toby McKeehan, the rapper, say "Lynn, here we go," in the break before the verse. Produced by Toby McKeehan and Mark Heimermann. (Nu Thang, Forefront Communications, 1990)

David Huntsinger's instrumental album Autumn in New England has sold over 500,000 copies in the past five years. "Farewell To Mystic" is the song from that album that is everyone's favorite (including Barry Manilow). Lynn Fuston recorded and mixed this album which you should really hear from the CD. It is one of the most harmonically-rich albums that you will ever hear. (Unison Records, 1992)

The Newsboys first hit from their album Take Me To Your Leader featured vocal editing by Lynn Fuston at 3D Audio. This song "Reality" was produced by Steve Taylor, engineered by Russ Long, and mixed by Tom Lord Alge. Mastering by Bob Ludwig. (Star Song Communications, 1996)

"Liberty-Thomas Jefferson's Theme" is an original composition that was a finalist for the title theme for the PBS Documentary "Liberty" produced by KTCA in St. Paul, MN. This classical score was written by Lynn Fuston and skillfully orchestrated by Ted Wilson. This is a sequenced demonstration recording of the Liberty Theme. This composition is available for motion picture or documentary use.

Andy Griffith has recorded a second album of gospel favorites entitled Just As I Am. The whole album including this song, "Church In the Wildwood," was edited by Lynn Fuston and Christopher Harris at 3D Audio. The album is on Sparrow Records and was produced by Steve Tyrell and David Huntsinger. (Sparrow Records, 1997)

In 1992, Russ Taff recorded one of the best Christmas albums ever made, with the help of long time friend, guitarist and arranger James Hollihan. This is a sample of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," and the strings were recorded by Lynn Fuston. Russ is a very talented singer and songwriter that has enjoyed great success in the Contemporary Christian marketplace. (A Christmas Song, Sparrow Records, 1992)

The Martins are a very talented trio that have made quite a noise on the Southern Gospel scene in the past few years. We have had the distinct privilege of working on all their albums, in one capacity or another - recording, mixing, or mastering. This song, "Angels Dance," is from their album Wherever You Are and features mixing by Lynn Fuston and mastering by 3D Audio. (Spring Hill Records, 1996)

Contemporary Christian artist Carman sings "Peace Like A River" from the Sparrow album I Surrender All, an album that was recorded, edited and mixed by Lynn Fuston. (Sparrow Records, 1996)

Roots Rock Action Figures (RRAF) is a new band fronted by producer RS Field, and you will definitely be hearing from them. They are somewhere between Creedence, Joe Walsh, Steve Miller and The Band. And the songs are very well crafted. This is an excerpt from "Long Story Short".

Ponder Sykes and Wright sing "Every Time I Turn Around" from their debut album on Spring Hill Records - a sample of 3D Audio's mastering work. (Spring Hill Records, 1997)




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