Studio Software Solutions

3D Audio's Studio Software Solutions are FileMaker Pro templates that were designed to organize and facilitate repetitive studio tasks such as tape labeling, track sheet record keeping, and equipment inventory,warranty and insurance tracking. Here's what people think about them:


"You know, I use your Audio Label Pro almost every day. I find it easy to use, and easy to modify and can't imagine being without it."

-George Massenburg, Producer/Engineer

"I was so pumped when I found out about ALPro, I called from Sweden to get the password. We were out on tour with Phil Collins but I couldn't wait until I got home."

-Rob "Cubby" Colby, Live Sound Mixer

"I think, from what I've seen already, it's very impressive. I thought I was the "Hombre" with Filemaker Pro and my own labels that I had created myself... until now. Great stuff. I'll send payment to register right away. There are a few colleagues that will love this when they see it. Thank you, and great work!"

-Yianni Papadopoulos


The following are available:

Audio Label Pro 2 (Mac)-Audio Labels for all formats (updated 11.15.97) -download now

ADAT Pro 2 (Mac)-ADAT track sheet (updated 11.15.97) -download now

ADAT Pro 2 (PC) (updated 11.15.97) - download now

Asset Tracker (Mac)-Inventory Tracking (updated 11.15.97) -download now

Asset Tracker (PC) (updated 11.15.97) -download now

Master By Colors (MBC) v.1

Download SetMaker - Free Software for making Song Lists!

(I have had three reports of problems with unZipping the PC versions of these files. If you download the PC versions of these files, and they don't work, please contact me immediately. I would appreciate help in solving this problem. If you need, I can send you the unZipped PC versions via email. -Lynn)

If you would like more information about one of the templates listed above, you can click on it and you will see a description of that template. By clicking on the Download Now link, you can begin downloading those files. Check here frequently for the latest updated templates. I have recently found a die-cut label for DAT J-cards and stick-on labels that I will be designing a template for (Thanks Buonhead). These label templates are available in the new FileMaker Pro 4.0 Bible from IDG Books. Audio Label Pro is also available at Claris' FileMaker Pro Shareware templates download site, along with a Demo version of Filemaker Pro 4.0 for Mac or PC, if you want to audition these templates at no cost.


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