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This is Asset Tracker by 3D Audio Inc. Asset Tracker is an equipment inventory tracking template for Filemaker Pro. Asset Tracker was designed to help studio owners, engineers and musicians, or anybody who needs to keep records on their equipment, to keep accurate records of their equipment inventory. Asset Tracker facilitates keeping up with equipment values for insurance purposes. Asset Tracker also provides a convenient place to keep all warranty and vendor records, along with contact, address, phone and website information. This template was designed to allow anyone to enter equipment information into a FileMaker Pro database and keep computerized records of all equipment acquistions. With accurate data entered into this template, all the information about your gear will be at your fingertips, as close as your computer. You will always have quick access to the vendor, purchase date, serial number, and warranty information about all your gear. Imagine not having to hunt for the product info or dig through file folders to find out if the equipment that just broke has already gone out of warranty. With Asset Tracker you can find out instantly.


Using Asset Tracker also allows you to print out a concise list of your equipment for insurance purposes. It features an "Equipment Card" layout, for data entry, that includes the manufacturer and model number for each piece, along with fields for vendor info, serial number, purchase date, equipment category, warranty period, original cost and current value. Tracking current value is especially important for rapidly appreciating or depreciating assets, such as vintage gear and computers, respectively. This way you can make sure you are not over or under-insured. You can also categorize your purchases by the type of equipment, whether office, computer, specialized equipment, or software. Plus the category field is editable to allow you to customize it for our individual needs. Everytime you buy a new piece of equipment, just select "Command-N" for a new record or click on the "New Record" button, and enter all the relevant data, while the information is still close at hand. You can also mark whether the equipment has been added to your insurance policy, using the convenient "Insured" check box. Then you print out a new equipment summary and send it to your insurance agent and ask them to add the uninsured items. Any adjustments that have been made to the current value of individual items are automatically tracked in the "Current Value Total" at the bottom of the "Equipment Summary" layout.


This template is made available as shareware through the Internet, AOL, and the FileMaker Pro 4.0 Bible. You may enter your equipment records into it, but printing or modification of any of the layouts is password protected. A $10 shareware fee is required if you would like to print or modify these layouts. To enable printing, send the shareware fee of $10 (check, cash, or money orders only-no foreign currencies will be accepted) and your physical or email address to the PO Box address and you will receive, by return post or email, the password that will allow you to print. Always include an email address with your payment, so you can be notified of upgrades and other useful templates.

Click here to download Asset Tracker for the Mac.

Click here to download the PC version of Asset Tracker

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