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This is ADAT Pro, the modular digital multitrack (MDM) track sheet template from 3D Audio. ADAT Pro was designed to help studio users keep accurate and organized records. This template will allow a producer, engineer, or studio owner to enter all the track sheet information into a FileMaker Pro database and keep computerized records of all recorded audio information for all their recording projects. With accurate data entered into this template, all the information about a recording project will be at your fingertips&endash;&endash;as close as your computer. You will always have access to the tape number, cut number, tempo, and even track availability on all past projects without having to hunt for the tapes or track sheets. Imagine being able to quickly and easily go back and tell the client if there were any open tracks on a project you finished two years ago, without having to hunt for the tapes or track sheets.

Using ADAT Pro also allows you to print out new track sheets for every project. It features check-boxes for each track to mark which recordings are the originals and if they have been backed up. Everytime you start a new project, just select "Command-N" for a new record, fill in the Data Entry page and start with a new track sheet. You can also print out the blank track sheet and photocopy it to fill in by hand.

This template is distributed as shareware. We hope that you will find it helpful, and that you will distribute it, in its original form, to anyone who uses ADATs or DA-88 formats. If you wish to modify the layout and add your own graphics, studio name and address or want to use additional records, we will send you the password which allows printing, layout modification and adding new records for a $10 shareware fee, which can be sent to the PO Box address.

Click here to download ADAT Pro for Macintosh.

Click here to download the PC version of ADAT Pro

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