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*Personalize your labels by pasting in your studio logo, address and phone numbers

*Modify and customize labels based upon the combinations you typically use

* Create professional-looking labels using your inkjet or laser printer

* Create printed CD stick-on labels, instead of writing on CDs by hand with a felt marker

* Recall exact label info for old sessions/tapes

* Double check your billing records based on the tapes/labels that you have generated

* Change the song or side-length times without having to retype all the labels, and without scratching it out and writing it in by hand

* Generate multiple identical labels

* Clearly label each tape with Artist Name, Project Name, Record Label, Creation Date, Tape Format, and contents


Check out the Instructions below for a brief overview

or Click Here to download Audio Label Pro for Macintosh.

Click Here to download the PC version of Audio Label Pro


Version 1- Released April 17, 1997.

Version 2-Released November 15, 1997.

Revised for inclusion in the new Filemaker Pro 4.0 Bible, this new version includes additional templates for a larger cassette label along with a 12-up die-cut cassette label template. The CD templates now align with precut 2-up CD labels. There is now an extended CD cover layout for 20 cut CDs. There is an inside cover layout for 4 columns of text if you want to print credits on the inside of the CD booklet. A CD back panel insert template is included also. An extended, multi-fold DAT label is included also. With space for over 80 cuts, it is invaluable for SFX or jingle work.




Audio Label Pro is a Filemaker Pro template, created specifically for recording professionals, who need a way to print out labels that identify all information that is relevant to a recording project.

There has never been a program written that meets the labeling needs of professional audio, video, and radio engineers, until now. At 3D Audio, the digital editing and mastering facility in Nashville, dozens of labels are required during a normal day and frequently there is a need for multiple copies of the same label, for different destinations (record label, artist, producer). So this program was developed to print labels of the same recorded program, allowing for multiple formats.




Using Audio Label Pro is simple. Begin at the Audio Label Pro Home Page (a "Hot" button below will take you there). On the Home Page, you will find data fields for Artist, Project Name, Client/Record Label, Billing Address, Songs and Individual and Side Times, etc. To select a new Data record, type "Command-N" and you are ready to begin. Simply fill in the appropriate fields and then select the tape label that you need to print. (Link buttons are provided on the right hand side of the page for frequently used labels.) For simplification, the word "label" always refers to a stick-on label using adhesive-backed paper stock (such as Wausau Coated's AquaTEC-AO100 Uncoated). The other layouts can be printed on regular paper and are identified by recorded format, i.e. Cassette, DAT, CD. The CD has an insert template, whereas the Cassette, DAT, and DA-88 all use J-cards. Once you see the label that you want to print on-screen, type "Command-P" and your label will print.




Customizing your labels is a good way to establish your facility's image. To see samples of the customized labels from 3D Audio, look at the 3D Audio Examples layouts. These contain the 3D Audio logo, address and phone number. Using a custom font will also help to individualize your labels. The 3D Audio labels always use Copperplate 32BC. Customizing your labels is strongly recommended. Frequent compliments on our labels from our clients is what prompted us to make this shareware template available.




All the labels that are included here can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper stock. Heavier paper stock is better for J-cards and inserts. For all stick-on labels (Cassette, CD, DAT), we recommend using 8.5 x 11 adhesive-backed paper stock (such as Wausau Coated's AquaTEC-AO100 Uncoated). This is commonly available at office supply stores. The standard size is easy for printers to handle, and one sheet can be printed and then re-used for many different labels. All the adhesive labels are designed to be cut out by hand (except the 12-up cassette and Neato-style CD labels) using either scissors or a paper cutter. This makes for much less waste of paper stock.




This template is made available as shareware to the professional recording community through AOL, the Internet, and the FileMaker Pro 4.0 Bible. This is the full-featured version of Audio Label Pro, except the printing option has been disabled. A $25 shareware fee is requested if you like what you see and you feel that this program will save you time and energy labelling your tapes. To enable printing, send the shareware fee of $25 (check, cash, or money orders only-no foreign currencies will be accepted) and your physical AND email address to the PO Box address and you will receive the password that will allow you to begin printing these labels. Always include an email address with your payment, so you can be notified of upgrades and other useful templates.




* Since this template requires Filemaker Pro to run, a certain degree of familiarity with the FMPro commands is assumed. Therefore, these instructions are deliberately brief. If you have questions regarding layouts or their modification, please consult your FileMaker Pro manual.


* All the labels in this program are designed to print on 8.5 x 11 plain paper stock. Most were designed to print in "Portrait" orientation, which is like a standard letter. Only two templates require "Landscape" orientation-the CD Jewel Case Insert and the Jewel Case-Booklet Template. On these two layouts, there are reminders to change the orientation in the Page Setup dialog before printing.


* All Data Fields will accommodate unlimited characters per field. Most labels, however, will only allow up to 20 characters per field to be printed. There are some label fields that will only permit 15 characters to print, due to label size restrictions. Abbreviating titles or names is the best option under those circumstances. When the name is too long for the printable area, the extra characters will be cut off, at one or both ends, depending upon the text formatting of that particular field. Usually this can be seen, and appropriate changes made, when you are previewing the label before printing.


* The typeface used in this template is Helvetica, which is common to both PCs and Macs. If you want to use a different font for your labels, you can go the individual labels, select Layout and then change the font in the Text Format dialog box.




This is version 2 which you are now viewing. We will continue to refine Audio Label Pro in the future. All records that are made with this current template will be upgradeable and importable to future versions. Check for future updates at our website: www.3Daudioinc.com.




We trust you will find that Audio Label Pro is an enormous time-saver and is a very valuable piece of software. A lot of time and energy has been spent authoring it, and more improvements are anticipated with future upgrades. Let us know what you think.


Send ideas, comments and suggestions to



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